Hello, Hello

Hello, Hello

Hello, hola, moshi moshi, goedendag, dia dut, bonjour, and shalom. Welcome to a small corner of the internet where your favorite musicians talk about video games, movies, television, music, and all other facets of popular culture.

My name is Daniel and I've been wanting to interview my favorite bands about this type of stuff for years now. Whether it be a band that incorporates subtle song lyrics that alludes to a Zelda boss, or a musician's music video with obvious references to my favorite cartoon characters - whenever I see or hear these then it immediately catches my attention.

So that's why I started this project. Essentially I wanted an excuse to talk to these bands and ask them the questions that I want to know - as well as what I'm sure many of their fans are curious to know. A dialogue about something other than a musician's musical projects is always refreshing for both them and the fan. It allows them to express themselves differently, as well as gives us the ability to relate to them in a way we may have thought we couldn't.

Thank you for stopping by and feel free to follow Glitched on Twitter also.

If you're a band or musician interested in sitting down for an interview, I'd love to hear from you. You can reach me on my personal Twitter account or you can shoot me an email. I will eventually have a more formal process for this, but as for right now, those options should work out just fine in reaching me.